valentines surprise

After a morning at church yesterday followed by leftovers for lunch, cleaning out the car, then sorting and folding loads of laundry and washing all the dishes that had piled up, I asked Ken to take the kids outside to play while I secretly prepared a little afternoon valentine’s party for them. First, I set down a makeshift tablecloth with some of my favorite sewing fabric by Rifle Paper Co. followed by a scattering of sour patch kids chewy pink hearts. Next, fresh cut flowers tucked into children’s cups. Before long, our wood slab table was filled with pink and red heart shaped plates and delicate doily heart napkins, crunchy sugar crystal topped vanilla hearts and cake-like cookies swirled with frosting and sprinkles, imbued with valentines whimsy. The kids were so surprised! Each one shocked as they walked in through the sliding doors, thrilled with all the treats, crafts to paint and play with and goodies I had set up, just for them. Ken and I took a moment with each child to tell them how much we love them. And treasure them. Each unique and created in the image of God, worth so much to us and our Good Father. I hope as they grow up, they will remember how much fun we got to have together as a family – the laughs and lessons – in both doing chores, cooking meals, cleaning up and playing together, also celebrating together. It’s really precious to love on these kids. Here are some photos of our early Valentine’s Day Surprise Party.

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