Sunday Morning Cinnamon Rolls

Yesterday, I mapped out what I wanted to prioritize this Sunday morning. Regardless of how much pain I felt from my muscle injuries and lack of sleep (unless of course I really couldn’t function, then I would forgo said plan…) I wanted to bake cinnamon rolls for the kids this morning. I also really wanted to go to church as a family. It has been so important to me to be among friends and our community, who pray over me and for me. This season of pain has broken me so deeply and yet I keep coming back to God’s faithfulness and promises to walk with me through this fire, to never leave me alone in this challenge.

So here we are. After a night of excruciating pain from muscle spams in my back and chest, I’m getting revved up with a heat pad on my back and shoulders. The oven is preheating to 350 degrees. There’s a can of cinnamon rolls on the counter, and coffee brewing in my pour over. Ken will help me make today’s lunch so we’re in a good spot after church, the ingredients for that splashed across our counter. Picnic lunch will be tuna fish sandwiches on sourdough with baby carrots and apple slices. Simple and life-giving. And if you’re wondering about previously-mentioned cinnamon rolls, I’m allowing myself the grace that comes with easy-bake options rather than homemade. The only challenge here is that I’m very much afraid of cans that “pop” open. I usually scream at that point of popping, so I think I might ask one of the kids or Ken to step in.

Fast forward an hour, and we made it to church after indulging in these ooey gooey TikTok-influenced cinnamon rolls baked in cream and brown sugar. Exhibit A:

How is your Sunday going? Happy long weekend, friends!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Cinnamon Rolls”

  1. I too went to 1030 am mass. This is the beginning of lent that starts on Wednesday with Ash Wednesday. I hope to go to extra services during lent. This begins the 40 days of lent. Our church hosts fish dinners starting this Friday night. During lent we do not eat meat on Friday. I really enjoy going to church but I just wish I had my family here to go with me. My husband and I raised our sons in the catholic faith and we were very active in our church community.

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