Mother’s Day 2023

We've had a great Mother's Day weekend over here. Yesterday, the kids helped me deliver flower bouquets and chocolate chip cookies along with sleeves of ripe apple-bananas (that Ken had recently harvested from our yard!) to our neighbors in celebration of the sweet mothers on our street. Fun fact: I love arranging flowers. I used… Continue reading Mother’s Day 2023


It's been one year. One year since we visited Alaska as a family and got to introduce our younger two kids to their Daddy's homeland. This is the place where our eldest, Ruby, was born and we hadn't been back in maybe six years. (Our previous trip was an Alaskan cruise with family right after… Continue reading alaska!

Sunday Morning Cinnamon Rolls

Yesterday, I mapped out what I wanted to prioritize this Sunday morning. Regardless of how much pain I felt from my muscle injuries and lack of sleep (unless of course I really couldn't function, then I would forgo said plan...) I wanted to bake cinnamon rolls for the kids this morning. I also really wanted… Continue reading Sunday Morning Cinnamon Rolls

valentines surprise

After a morning at church yesterday followed by leftovers for lunch, cleaning out the car, then sorting and folding loads of laundry and washing all the dishes that had piled up, I asked Ken to take the kids outside to play while I secretly prepared a little afternoon valentine's party for them. First, I set… Continue reading valentines surprise

Homebuilding as Sacred

A strong cold wind whips through our tiny grove of apple banana trees. I hear leaves twisting and slapping together just outside our screen door. I can taste the salty air as it rises up from lapping waves along the north shore. The sun slowly breaks through the clouds to reveal sloppy stretches of mud… Continue reading Homebuilding as Sacred