We Moved In (to our homebuild)!

We officially passed inspection on our homebuild and moved in this past week. It’s incredible! The house my husband built mostly himself from the ground up! In time, we will build a garage and upstairs but for now, we are slowly settling in to the downstairs and making it our own. Yes, our home is full of boxes and we can’t find many a kitchen tool yet but we are all together, and cozy, and that is something I praise God for. Also, my wonderful cousins moved in next to us a few days ago and my kids are ecstatic to have their sweet little cousins here!! We get to play in the yard together, swim in the pool together, and I’m already dreaming up delicious allergy-friendly family meals that we can all share together! Here are a couple pictures of our past week including fall colors and the vanilla sponge with bittersweet chocolate ganache, raspberries and coulis cake I made to thank my cousin who came over and weed whacked our entire yard yesterday. And here’s our new house color: blue-gray! 🙂 Happy weekend friends!

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