12th Anniversary

Last weekend, Ken and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. It was definitely a memorable day as we took our son to the ER for an eye injury after a fall. Praise God he can see and is healing well! Thank you so much for praying for us.

It’s been a full week over here with homebuilding (we’re in the final stretch! Almost done with phase #1!) and we’ve all been fighting bouts of sickness here and there. My voice is extra horse this morning as I sit down to write, sipping away at my steamy cup of lemon honey tea while coughing up bits of phlegm. Rain pitter patters on the tin roof of our outdoor shed and I feel a peace settle over me, tucked away in this cozy space, watching the light slowly shift to day through my window.

12 years. 12 years of getting to wake up next to my husband, getting to do life together each day. Three amazing children during this time! One born in each state we’ve lived in. Nine big moves in all that time together. From Seattle, Washington to Anchorage, Alaska to Eastern Washington and then back to Maui where I’m from. During that time, we also traveled throughout Europe, the US, Mexico, Canada. And in a couple weeks, we’ll embark on our next move although this one has the shortest distance! We are moving into the downstairs of our homebuild, and our cousins are moving into our cottage we currently reside in. So exciting!

I praise God for you, Ken. Thank you for choosing me and our family and continuing to choose us every single day. We’ve fought hard to love each other well. Something I’m realizing more now as we enter our 12th year of marriage is just how passionate Ken is. We are both very passionate people in how we pursue love, our dreams, our family. We sometimes go about things very differently and yet, we complement each other and build each other up in our weaknesses. We are learning how to ask God for help, to forgive quickly and practice humility and grace, things that may take a lifetime to get down. I’m thankful for the husband you are and father to our children.

Well, I hear my children’s not-so-little voices as they wake up this drizzly Saturday morning. I’m off to make Hawaiian fried rice with spam, eggs, veggies and brown rice. A warm stick-to-your-bones meal for all the physical labor that’s ahead of us today: mopping/sweeping the homebuild, pouring concrete, installing doors, the list goes on. I would love to ask for prayer that we pass all of our inspections this next week. Pic updates coming soon!

Until then, here are some of our anniversary photos Toni Columbo took of us recently at my family’s maui taro farm.

Have a great weekend friends! xx

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