Happy Memorial Day + Free $50 Stitch Fix Coupon

Happy Memorial Day weekend, friends! I’m currently listening to my husband as he digs up our side yard with the mini excavator we rented for a couple days. Ah, the sound of construction. Both exciting and anxiety-inducing. (In case I didn’t mention this previously, our building plans were officially approved and we’re now ready to start our build!) We are self-financing our home build, and it is such a faith journey! My husband is a DIY-expert, and I really enjoy watching him grow in this process as he builds us our house from the ground up. I have been considering the many ways we can stretch our monthly income (being a single-income family living in Hawaii can be challenging to say the least) so that we can build our main house on this beautiful stretch of property. I welcome any and all money-saving ideas for a family of five. And while I’m on the topic of saving money, Stitch Fix sent me yet another Free $50 Coupon Code that lasts about 24 hours! Click here to try Stitch Fix + let me know what you buy with this free coupon code! We recently tried Stitch Fix for my husband and were completely surprised (and maybe blown away?!) by how spot-on his clothing box was! He actually liked + kept all FIVE items! Wild, right? You can read about my first clothing box here. Spoiler alert: I only kept ONE item from my first box but I have since purchased multiple items from the “Shop by Category” section of their web site. Stitch Fix offers clothing for Women, Men + Kids, so something for everyone!

Well, my husband just asked me to come check out the trench he dug so I better run. Happy Saturday + Happy Shopping! xx

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