Our Latelys

It all started with a simple desire to be more present with my family. A prayer and a plea, perhaps. I am so easily consumed by what other people think about me – or what I think they think of me. The past five+ months of being off Instagram has been soo good. Almost too good. I find myself questioning what it’s going to look like later this month when my 6-month IG sabbatical officially ends – what do I want my priorities to look like regarding social media? How can I set healthier boundaries? How can I set myself and my family up to be top priority? God knows I don’t have the answers. God knows I need Him. First place. It’s been so delightfully freeing to write more these past five months as I work through my motherhood journey more intentionally. Thank you so much for following along with me!

You guys know how much I love mail, and surprises, and mail-surprises. The past couple weeks have been so sweet. My best friend Elyse mailed me a large package of the very best almond butter made in a peanut-free facility (Barneys) and it was so incredible finding that gift on my doorstep. Another dear friend shipped me a copy of an inspirational Scripture book illustrated with calligraphy and whimsical floral sketches. And then my other dear friend sent by way of her husband-pilot a bag of fresh coffee beans + bright florals. She’s the owner of The Stemmery in Seattle + I just cannot wait to squeeze her adorable little baby (hopefully soon!)

Mailing care packages + sending surprise gifts are some of my most favorite things. As I sip on my coffee and pray about who I might encourage with a gift this week, I’m so grateful for how God has been showing up in my life. I’ve brought some really heavy prayer requests before Him, and seen Him surprise me. I’m blown away by how He provided fellowship + encouragement this week. In the form of a friend who invited me over for a playdate when I was feeling kind of forgotten. And then my two amazing girl friends had me over for wine + hot tubbing. It was so much fun. Praise God. There’s something wonderful about being able to sit with people in our brokenness, to just be + know we’re loved + cared for. Thank you guys so much!

Before I head out (the dishes + laundry need me ASAP), I wanted to include a bunch of photos of our latelys. They’re pretty much all taken on my phone, with little to no editing, because life is like that most of the time: Unfiltered. Beautiful. Messy. I sure love these kids, their amazing Daddy, the fun ways we get to create + enjoy food, and all the adventures of life here on Maui. It truly is Paradise.


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