Sunday Doughnuts in the Garden

My son loves doughnuts. It might be his very favorite treat in the whole wide world. He asks for them regularly, and I try to make them for him and the girls every few months. Together, the kids and I will mix up a double or triple batch of homemade dough and then take platefuls to as many neighbors as we can. This morning I was feeling extra exhausted after working in the garden so much, that we were only able to churn out enough doughnuts for five or six neighbors to have a plate. (I’m so sorry if we missed delivering to your house!)

Speaking of missing out, I don’t know how I didn’t get a photo of Cyrus in my few little snaps this morning. I think he was too busy eating doughnuts – or frosting them – or eating the frosting. Lol. We had a little outdoor picnic of doughnuts, and well, let’s just say that now there are bits and pieces of doughnuts scattered throughout my new plantings. The kids really love eating outside. With it warming up so much these days, we eat most of our meals on our deck or on our steps or out in the garden or elsewhere in the yard. That’s one of my favorite parts of living in Hawaii – we live outside most of the time. It’s glorious.

Ken and I are currently building a tall trellis to support our multiple tomato plants, and I’m imagining a cute little seating area for two tucked behind those hanging veggies. I can’t wait to show you more of what we’ve been up to in the garden. It’s sweet and simple, these weekends spent enjoying our yard together. Working, digging, planting, watering. Thank you Lord for the gift of Sundays!

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