Happy Memorial Day + Free $50 Stitch Fix Coupon

Happy Memorial Day weekend, friends! I'm currently listening to my husband as he digs up our side yard with the mini excavator we rented for a couple days. Ah, the sound of construction. Both exciting and anxiety-inducing. (In case I didn't mention this previously, our building plans were officially approved and we're now ready to… Continue reading Happy Memorial Day + Free $50 Stitch Fix Coupon

Hawaiian Poi (Taro) Pancakes

Aloha + welcome to this week's 4th post! I feel like I'm on a roll with writing lately. Can't stop, won't stop. (But probably might stop and take a week or two off because that's typically how I write, lol. #Momlife.) Thank you all so much for using my free $50 Stitch Fix coupon code.… Continue reading Hawaiian Poi (Taro) Pancakes