Mother’s Day 2023

We’ve had a great Mother’s Day weekend over here. Yesterday, the kids helped me deliver flower bouquets and chocolate chip cookies along with sleeves of ripe apple-bananas (that Ken had recently harvested from our yard!) to our neighbors in celebration of the sweet mothers on our street.

Fun fact: I love arranging flowers. I used to dream of opening my own florist shop someday, and I still think of that from time to time but I get to enjoy that passion in other ways right now…like through cake decorating (with flowers), and flower arranging for dinner parties, friend’s birthdays, baby showers, the list goes on.

When I saw these fresh peonies and eucalyptus bunches at Whole Foods a couple days ago, I was thrilled! I knew I wanted to create as many fresh floral bouquets as possible, to give away! I used a combination of some of my favorite found glass vessels, vases and then a handful of vintage style pink mason jars. Hopefully the recipients enjoy these vases for years to come. Here’s a glimpse of the flowers I put together, along with the cookies we baked. Sometimes I feel a little silly with our cart piled high with food and trinkets as the kids and I wheel it down our street, but once we’ve knocked on that first door, my jitters go away. It means so much to see the smile on our neighbor’s faces and I hope they felt extra special this Mother’s Day. Here are the flowers I put together and gifted.

And then the cookies…

Then today the kids helped me make breakfast for Mother’s Day. Blueberry waffles bursting with plump ripe berries! It was soo good. Think extra syrup spilling into every crevice of each waffle. Yep, I let the kids pour their own syrup today! Hehe. Also crispy yummy sausages that Ruby cooked up herself!

Here are some photos of the adventure:

Ken blessed me with sweet, super-quick photos with the kids before we jumped into the car and headed to church shortly after breakfast. It was a great morning!

And after a full day, I’m ready for bed. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Lots of love, from our little fam to yours!

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