Summer is Here!

I always have the best intentions with writing. I think of many wonderful stories to share about what my family is up to and then life happens and months go by without me posting any little tidbits to this blog. So, here we are. I have no clue how long it’s been since my last blog post, but like my childhood journal entries, here I am showing up with my “Dear Diary, Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written! I am back.”

Ken and I took the kids upcountry for a lovely little ‘Welcome to Summer’ tea party picnic last weekend. The night prior, we rolled out sugar cookies and the kids dipped them in varying colors and textures of sprinkles ready to be baked off in the morning. It was so much fun playing together with dough! Dough on the counters, dough in the girls’ hair, dough on our floors and probably lingering bits of dough on our baseboards. But dough-not worry, we got most of it cleaned up in the end and it was totally worth it! I love when the kids can help me in the kitchen. Years forward in time, I think we will look back and laugh together at all the cracked eggs and flour-filled moments and treasure them. I know I will. My babies are growing up so quickly. I love them more than I can adequately express on most days.

Our tea party consisted of baked asparagus and parmesan puff pastry pockets, triple chocolate chunk cookies, sugar cookies, stuffed eggs and vegetables. Also a little two-layer strawberry jam filled vanilla cake. I forgot the tea for the teapot but we managed to acquire the most beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers from Petaloom Floral’s farm stand on the drive up and I think that almost made up for my faux pas. All three children agreed that they’d love to have tea party picnics more often! Success!

I’m very proud of Ruby heading to second grade in the fall. She’s grown full strides in her reading and writing this past year! And Cyrus is my big boy on to Kindergarten, with Rosie following closely as she starts Preschool soon! At Rosie’s preschool orientation the other night, I found myself briefly startled by how far I’ve come as a parent. I saw a glimpse of myself four years ago at the same orientation, fumbling and questioning, almost ready to give birth to my third child, fearing my eldest heading to preschool. Viewing myself as somehow inferior because I couldn’t imagine having three kids, three years old and younger at home with me full-time. And now with my third child heading to school soon, I’m a bit more confident in my motherhood. I can do this. I’ve grown so much over the past few years. I wonder if I’d recognize younger me? I guess I’m proud of myself too in all this growing that both the children and myself, are doing.


summer tea party at kula playground

8 thoughts on “Summer is Here!”

  1. Inspirational and encouraging! Gonna try a tea party picnic upcountry with my ohana soon!
    So glad to see and hear how you all are doing 😊growth is a beautiful gift 🙏🏻 So proud of you friend 💜

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