Strawberry-Lemon Cheese Danish & Learning About Food Security Hawaii

Yesterday, I was supposed to be in California. San Diego, specifically. Celebrating my 15-year college reunion with my best friends.

Spoiler alert: I wasn’t there.

I was home, struggling through bouts of FOMO and grief, as I prayed about how to combat my sadness over having to cancel that big trip, a girls weekend I had been looking forward to for weeks! I’m still fighting sinus pain and pressure from my sinus infection and trying to give my body extra grace (and priority) so I postponed my travel plans until I’m completely recovered. I’m not contagious my Doctor said, just need time to rest so my body can heal properly.

And instead of spending the whole morning crying (only slightly joking) as my best friends texted me the cutest pics of them at the reunion (I love them so much), I decided to bake up these strawberry-lemon cheese danish for the neighborhood meetup put on by Food Security Hawaii. Ken took the kids to this informative and educational talk in our neighbor’s yard, along with a heaping platter of these danish. Meanwhile, I stayed home for extra rest.

Strawberry-Lemon Cheese Danish

I love this recipe by John Kanell of Preppy Kitchen, it’s so easy! I added in heaps of fresh lemon zest because our lemon tree is starting to take off. Along with strawberry jam, always.

Ken said the danish were a hit! I’m so glad! Also, we are super excited to learn more about “Food Islands” and how to start building our own “ohana garden project” through this organization. You can read more about it here.

Happy Sunday friends. What are you baking/cooking? Have you ever made cheese danish? Thoughts? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Strawberry-Lemon Cheese Danish & Learning About Food Security Hawaii”

  1. I copied your recipe. I will definitely try it. I love hearing about your life in Hawaii. We are relatives of your Alaska family so enjoy hearing about all the fun! Sorry you missed the trip…

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