Valentine’s Day 2022

Ok guys, I’ve been pretty sick the past two weeks. First the flu then a sinus infection that now requires antibiotics. Mostly, I’ve been in bed fighting congestion and fatigue as Ken helps me caretake our three littles who were also sick off and on last week. It’s been rough. Lots of tears and snotty noses at our house.

Almost miraculously, I had a sweet respite from feeling so crummy on Valentine’s Day so Ken took me for a walk along the beach. Just the two of us. Praise God for my mom’s help! I wore a happy, colourful dress that I probably hadn’t worn since last Valentine’s Day and the two of us kicked off our slippers and walked along the shoreline. We laughed and dreamed about the future. We also talked about how much marriage has grown us these past nearly 12 years. We’ve been through deep valleys and soaring peaks – together, hand-in-hand. I’m so thankful for this guy who never gives up on me or our family, who encourages me that we can have the really-really-hard conversations and trust that we’re going to get through it all, together. I see God’s faithfulness in my husband.

Well it’s back to bed for me as I rest and prepare for some exciting news in my next blog post. Stay tuned! xx

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