Beach Days

Hau’oli makahiki hou! It’s hard to believe that 2022 is here, when my mind seems to be caught in 2020, my heart still grieving this worldwide pandemic and how it’s acutely changed our lives in ways both small and large. Seen and unseen. My little boy put it quite well, unbeknownst to him, when he sweetly asked me, “Mama, remember when we used to go to the store and sit together and eat our snacks inside?” He continued with “There were tables in that place, and now they’re not there.”

Yes, son, yes.

I remember. I hold those memories close to my heart, the ones of you and I enjoying those moments together. I’m so glad that you remember that.

Somehow in the haze of life being ever so busy as it always is, I’ve forgotten to make time to write. To sit with my thoughts in this space. To grieve, to give thanks, to celebrate, to commemorate the moments of these full days through writing. I picked up a pocket prayer guide a couple days ago and plan to jot down my little thoughts each day, as a launching point for more quiet, more processing, more prayer.

God knows I could use more prayer.

As I set out to pray and rejoice in this new year, I’m so very thankful for the ways Ken and I have been making progress on our DIY homebuild (photos and updates coming soon). It’s encouraging to think that we may get the downstairs of our house built this year! We’ve also enjoyed sweet family outings to the beach the past few weeks. The kids love playing in the sand – rain or shine – they are giddy with all the holes they can dig and the castles they can build. Here are a few photos from our beach days. Happy New Year from our two blondies and one brunette!

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