Mornings at the Beach

Our weekends lately have looked a lot like this:

  1. Wake up before 6 a.m. to kids careening through our bedroom door + jumping on the bed.

2. Pack lots of snacks, water bottles, towels, sunscreen, floaties, swimmies + load up the car.

3. Drive to the beach for an epic morning adventure as a family.

The other day, I thought to myself, “Why not pack along warm breakfast?” So, I baked up a little peach oatmeal cobbler in my favorite (and only) workhorse Le Creuset dutch oven + we brought it to the beach for a morning treat. Along with ice cream, because of course…

First time ever having cobbler on the beach, listening to waves lapping in front us, kids scooping up warm chunks of gooey fruit with melty ice cream. Sticky, sweet, summer fun. I’ll take another scoop of that!

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