A Visit to the Maui Strawberry Patch

Each year Kula Country Farms hosts a lovely U-pick strawberry patch in the late spring/early summer and an epic pumpkin patch in the fall. This is the second year I’ve brought all three kiddos by myself and it always feels like such a big accomplishment to get all three kids dressed, packed for the day (with allergy-safe foods) and out the door for a little adventure. Ken has been working very hard at his job + I find myself wanting to get out and explore more with the kids, even though it can be a bit daunting to do it by myself. Any other moms out there who can relate? I think with my eldest turning 6 this year, I’m finally coming out of ‘survival mode’ in my parenting journey. Having three kids in just over three years pushed me to a breaking point in many ways, and only now am I feeling my capacity to do more increasing. It’s exciting!

Ruby, Cy and Rose loved this year’s strawberry patch. 10/10 recommend this activity with kids. And now we have so many strawberries…scroll through these pics to see how we enjoyed the bulk of them. Please send me your favorite strawberry recipes, I sure could use them. I’m even considering one more visit to the strawberry patch before this season is over. Aren’t strawberries the epitome of summer?

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