Cluck-Cluck, Cheep-Cheep

Good Morning from our Hula Hens! It’s another cool, clear winter morning here on Maui. As I prepare the tea kettle along with oatmeal and hard-boiled eggs for this morning’s breakfast, I’m reminded of what a blessing our chickens have been. We purchased them at 6-weeks-old from a kind-hearted local man just about a year ago. They are our only pets (besides the frogs, wild birds, geckos and stray cats that traipse through our yard) although we do wish for a dog someday when the kids are a tiny bit older. Do you have a dog breed you recommend for our family of five? Ideally one that’s great with young kids. For some history, we owned two dogs, one in Alaska and one in Eastern Washington, but both were wild with larger-than-life personalities that didn’t bode well with babies around. Ken and I know better this time around what we’re looking for…

Caitlin Grace, a photographer here, blessed us with the sweetest photos at our homestead recently, and I wanted to share a few snippets of our life in particular the chickens we love. We spend a lot of time outdoors – the kids and I, along with Ken since his work station is technically outside on our deck (hello, small space living!), and we love foraging for flowers and fun sticks while gathering grass for our Hula Hens. I hope your morning is off to a great start. Do you raise chickens? What are their names? I’d love to hear your favorite dog breeds and also chicken breeds, as we hope to grow our homestead in the coming years!

2 thoughts on “Cluck-Cluck, Cheep-Cheep”

  1. Hey Maile!

    I love getting a little glimpse of your homestead ♡
    I would love to have chickens but it always comes down to that we love to travel for long periods and that makes raising chickens tricky…
    My parents had labradors when I grew up. They were always so incredibly patient with children. The kindest dogs ever ♡

    Love // Anna Svalander


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