It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

We’ve been baking up a storm at our little cottage, with Ken and the kids helping me to hand deliver cookie tins + baskets + mounds of treat-filled plates to our neighbors, friends + family. I’m not sure how many dozens of cookies we’ve baked or giant butter blocks we’ve burned through, but I’m reaching that point of no return where I strongly consider not baking for the next several months. 😉

Some of this year’s favorites include mini gingerbread punch-out cookies thanks to the cutest little cookie stamp we acquired at the local thrift store. My recipe for gluten-free vegan gingerbread can be found on my previous post here. Also, dairy-free sugar cookies and teeny-tiny-super-cutesy shortbread with sprinkles. My favorite recipe by Preppy Kitchen is here + I basically make this recipe + add in mounds of tiny sprinkles + cut them itsy-bitsy, then bake for less time than the recommended amount, maybe 8 minutes? This year’s favorite cookie cutter is a mushroom shape, and of course, it’s so much fun shaping sugar cookies into Santa’s. Thanks to Half Baked Harvest’s Santa cookies for my inspo on these Santa faces in the first pic. Do you like to bake at Christmas? What are some of your favorites? Please comment below with a Christmas treat we’re missing. I still have about 15% capacity before baking burnout sets in…half-kidding.

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