Sweetest Maui Baby Photoshoot

My beautiful friend Amanda gave birth to her fourth baby recently and I had the honor of photographing her newborn baby girl! She’s had FOUR babies, can you believe it?! She is amazing.

I’m still gushing over this photoshoot. Like, I could cry because baby Amelia is the sweetest little thing, and her big sister is so proud!

This overcast Tuesday morning could use some cuteness overload, so here are a few of my favorite pics from my first photography session in a looong while. Really, all the photos are so beautiful. I haven’t done as much photography since my college/newlywed days (hello work + #momlife) and I’m easing back into it. Please reach out if you’d like to take photos with me! I’d love to capture some smiles you can look back on with delight in the days/years to come!

Welcome to the world, Baby Amelia!! (Insert giant smiling emoji.)

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