Ruby’s Lemonade Stand

Saturdays are perfect for a neighborhood lemonade stand, at least that’s what my eldest tells me. For weeks, my cutie girl has asked – no, begged to host her first pop-up lemonade stand at the end of our driveway. Naturally, I tried to explain that we are still in a pandemic, and how we’d all need to wear masks + gloves, and how I didn’t know if anyone would actually come…oh Mama, can be quite the realist. But my budding entrepreneur was very determined. She agreed masks + gloves would be great and started on drawing flyers immediately after I agreed to help her. This was Thursday I believe, and the Lemonade Stand would be in less than two days.

When Ruby sets her mind to something, she works at that thing intently with razor focus. She even pointed out how important it was to get her handwritten invites into neighbors’ mailboxes ASAP. It was really sweet, walking along our street with Ruby, Cy and Rose toddling along, each taking turns delivering notes + knocking on doors. The aunties and uncles were so happy to see them! We even found out that many of our neighbors now have their 2nd covid vaccines + are feeling so thankful!

Here’s a pic of Ruby’s flyer she made!

I am happy to report Ruby’s Lemonade Stand was a complete success! She welcomed about 40 neighbors, friends + family and sold out of her freshly-squeezed local grown lemonade, along with most of the homemade treats in less than one hour. We are truly grateful for the gift of each person who stopped by + cheered on my little girl. (Thank you guys!) It reminds me how very important community is, we sure need each other.

Ruby at 5-years-old is now learning the ins + outs of running a business. After cleaning up the lemonade stand, Ruby asked, “How much did we make?!” We then talked about gross profit together, which is based on subtracting the cost of goods sold from the total revenue (sales). I explained how the ingredients we used for our treats we made + supplies for the fresh lemonade would need to be taken out of the big jar of money she collected. She understood, though a bit begrudgingly. (I can’t blame her.) I saved the topic of taxation for another time.

Looking back, I am so very proud of Ruby. I also can’t stop laughing when I think of how she was helping a long line of customers and in the middle of serving lemonade, she literally stopped what she was doing, looked at me + said “I’m taking my lunch break now.”

She proceeded to grab herself a chocolate chip cookie, along with the cup of lemonade she was supposed to serve a customer, removed her gloves, and then went and sat down by herself! To take her break, naturally. Clocking out + leaving me completely on my own to manage the rush.

It was hilarious, and also makes complete sense. She got tired and needed a break…but how did she even know about “lunch breaks”? So funny. Here are some pics of my sweet girl’s first Lemonade Stand! Brother was so helpful in the whole process, they’re a great team!

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