Aloha Friday!

It’s Aloha Friday + my sweet nephew’s 1st birthday! I call him my nephew although he’s technically my first cousin once removed (is that right?) and since we are missing him + my cousin’s family dearly – they live in Washington, and my cousin Isaac is like my brother – he’s the one who first introduced me to his best friend Ken nearly 12 years ago, who would later become my husband…

Anyway, I thought it was a good opportunity to bake a cake. Celebrating this little one’s birthday + the close of a wonderfully messy + intense week of mothering. Homeschooling. Putting out small scale fires + keeping little humans alive. So this morning, the kids helped me bake a homemade yellow cake with swooping chocolate ganache meets buttercream frosting. Emphasis on the “swooping” part as this is the first time I’ve successfully created the frosting swoop of my dreams. After years of admiring Martha Stewart Magazine’s perfectly swooped cakes, I think I nailed it. The key for me was using all room temp ingredients, measuring each ingredient with a food scale + employing heaps of frosting. Really, the main takeaway here is using heaps of frosting.

Now, I can’t stop smiling.

Swooop, there it is!

Doesn’t chocolate frosted cake make you smile? Yes? Me too!

Now, on to the weekend! I’m so ready. How about you?

We are off to bake up some creamy chicken enchiladas with green chile sauce + cut into this cake!

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