Learning to Sew

It’s official: I’m no longer completely ignorant when it comes to sewing. Cue applause. Honest to goodness, I can no longer tell people that I have no clue how to thread a needle. Or sew a button. Or rip up seams. I’m actually becoming a pro-seam-ripper (lol), which is not to be confused with “seam-stress” – a term I do hope to one day live up to.

I’m truly proud of myself, you guys. For the past month and a half, I’ve committed to learning the art + technique of sewing. I’ve spent one to two hours every morning (and sometimes night) often getting up at 4:30am to read through my little sewing handbook + play around with my super-simple sewing machine that Ken lovingly added to our wedding registry more than a decade ago, in part because I dreamed of learning how to one day sew. Fast-forward 10+ years + I’m working toward my goal. This year I’m dreaming BIG, and since I’ve committed to a 6-month social media sabbatical (goodbye, Instagram – see my last post here), my thoughts + time feel much more available as I purpose to wisely allocate parts of my day toward reaching my goals.

I’d love to share some of my little sewing projects with you! I first taught myself how to sew a button-hole and button (after much trial-and-error) onto cutesy fabric pouches I made. Then, with help from my sweet sewing mentor, I moved onto zippered pouches. And as of this week, I am now sewing little girl dresses. Say whaaat? I’m literally in shock that little by little, things are starting to click and I’m slowly (ever so slowly) learning how to read + understand sewing patterns. And the dials on my sewing machine. And where the needle + thread should go. All in the past few weeks! Praise God for this gift!

Geez, I am slightly obsessed with sewing. Me a couple months didn’t even know how to thread a needle, or turn on a sewing machine (with all the right parts attached) and now I feel much more confident as I fiddle around with bobbins, zig-zags stitches + tension. It’s fun + challenging learning this new skill. 10/10 recommend learning how to sew! 😉

A few weeks ago, Ken and I started reading inspirational books together including “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, “Willpower Doesn’t Work” by Benjamin Hardy + “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. I love the encouragement I find especially in James Clear’s book, “Atomic Habits.” The idea that instead of being extreme in how we try to achieve goals, we can work toward 1% shifts and changes that in time, become huge gains. Yes to this, because I hear so much faith + hope in these words. Bit by bit Christ is working on my heart + showing me how I can learn, grow, change + adapt.

Happy Sunday, friends! Thank you so much for your encouragement + support as I learn how to sew! Here’s my first dress I made. Rosie loves it!! And it has pockets?! Yes, please! Also, I may have cried a little, feeling so proud after sewing my first dress + seeing how happy my two-year-old felt wearing it!

What should I sew next?


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