Meet the Newest VW Bus: Gingerbread 2020

While my children were happily making gingerbread men + women, stars, and Christmas trees the other day, I decided to try my hand at something a little more involved. I’ve always wanted a Volkswagen bus. They are cheery + nostalgic, things I want to feel especially after such a hard year. Here’s hoping my husband gets the hint with my newest baked creation…it’s at the top of my Christmas Wish List. 😉

In all seriousness, we’re not in a position to purchase a VW bus (kombi’s are so cool!) but it’s a dream of mine I will continue to work toward. And in the meantime, this completely edible and allergy-friendly gingerbread VW bus I made may become a new holiday tradition for us.

Disclaimer: Right after I shot a few photos, my middle child could be seen biting into the side of the van. My adorable, snow-covered kombi didn’t last long (so disappointing!) My husband lovingly pointed out that it wasn’t structurally sound to begin with, at which point, we let three our kids have at it. Christmas cookies for second breakfast? Why yes! My Dad happened to stop by our house, right around this time, so with a nice cup of fresh coffee, he ate gingerbread with the kids and reminisced about his very first car, a 1960s VW bug.

Hope you enjoy these pics of our early Christmas baking. Do you own a VW bus? What model/make? #Goals.

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