Under the Mango Tree

Under the vibrant mango tree, the kids climb our craggy rock wall. It is here that they tell stories they’ve dreamed up about pirates and princesses, dragons and flying, stormy seas and what heaven will look like. Below the shade of the wild ferns and giant monstera, they play hide and seek while the other two search joyfully. Unearthing precious gems in the form of half-broken shells, Daddy’s most used tools, and painted rocks, they dig and water the ground next to our front door. Always ready for the next conquest within our grassy lot. Their imaginations are a force to be reckoned with, as they sit down to morning tea with their feisty zoo animals and beloved book characters.

Home. A place of wonder. A fluid jump between tiny enclosed walls and the great outdoors. Little minds always creating the space and life they hold within their hearts.

I pray these little ones know this taste of the eternal all their lives. Bringing these pieces of childhood with them – the wonder, the freedom, the joy – to all the places they traverse. With eyes to see and ears to hear, all the beauty of Christ’s calling upon their lives. To continue to plant and sow, in faith. Always making room for adventure.

For what, if not learning how to dream, is child’s play?

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