An Easter Tea Party

This week is dragging a bit. Does anyone else feel it, too? Today, baby girl would not nap. I tried and tried, and after about 45 minutes of her doing not-so-quiet “quiet time” I finally caved and got her out of her bed. All three kids are now happily running through the house playing chase. Screaming and laughing as they whiz by. I’m praying that my youngest continues to nap for at least a bit longer, she’s growing up too fast.

Our island home is transitioning out of winter and into spring. I can feel the temperature rising and the air getting more humid with each passing day. Easter is just around the corner and I picked up a few small touches for an Easter party with the kids recently. And today I figured, why not enjoy those cute napkins and bunny-shaped plates early? Ruby has been asking all week for a tea party, so this afternoon while the kids were out swimming with Daddy on his lunch break, I surprised them by putting together a little late lunch spread. Complete with “pretend tea” in our makeshift tea cups.

If you’re looking for some Easter brunch inspo, I highly recommend a colorful charcuterie – so simple to use things already on hand, like sandwiches, fruits and veggies, and homemade chocolate chip cookies. We also had some gluten-free yellow cupcakes leftover from a batch I made for our neighbor, so I set a few aside for the kids. Pro tip: Sprinkles are magic. I’m sure you knew that already. They dress up any occasion and make my kids smile so big.

How is your week going? Do you have any special Easter traditions? I’d love to hear them! Happy Thursday, friends!

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