It’s Thursday afternoon and raining just as hard or more since my last post. Thankfully, our home is tucked into the mountain on a hillside, built on stilts, which means we are not likely (I think) to lose our home to flooding. Our yard on the other hand, is a different story. Last month’s torrential rains caused quite a bit of damage to our newly poured dirt fill that covered our updated septic system. It was like a giant pool along our grass, slumping the surface down a whole foot in parts.

Ken just took the kids to pick up pizza. Hooray! It’s everyone’s favorite dinner around here. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the quiet time by myself to gather my thoughts while haphazardly cleaning the kitchen and folding as much laundry as I can before they get home. A snapshot of motherhood: striving for rest and calm, while juggling dishes, caretaking, cleaning, cooking, planning, prepping, working. Always moving, yet aiming for stillness, to be present and joyful while always available. It’s so hard some days (or most days) to strike a balance. For the better part of today, I felt like I just moved between holding one crying child to the next while the others fought, or got into mischief, or accidentally spilt the entire gallon of organic whole milk I splurged on. Oh boy, what a day.

I feel ready for the weekend! Who’s with me?

Speaking of which, we’ve really been enjoying spontaneous beach outings as a family. We often get up before the sun and head to the south shore to gather shells, rocks, and any little fish or crabs the kids can catch with their makeshift nets. I see God’s handiwork in the calm, quiet lapping of ocean waves. The kids racing back and forth along the shore. Both broken and complete shells, some I need to dig for, others that find their way easily onto the shore and into my hands. Here are some snapshots of our recent beach outings.

Ken found me the prettiest giant cowry shells this past Saturday. He’s such a blessing, always finding ways to love me and the kids well, in both big and seemingly small ways, like going “all-in” on collecting shells. It takes a real man to do that. (Thanks, Babe!) Also, he took this photo of me + after nearly 11 years of marriage, he still makes me smile so big.

south shore wahine, maui, hi
maui shells
maui cowry

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