Home Sweet Home!

It’s a cozy, mostly relaxed Saturday afternoon here in old Wailuku. The kids just woke up from their afternoon naps and Ken and I have had a few moments to connect and talk about how we’re doing. I’ve been working through some uncomfortable Braxton hicks contractions and unexpected nausea today, which makes me wonder if baby girl might make her debut earlier than expected. Right now, we’re about a month away from her expected delivery. As I prepare her nursery “corner” (as opposed to room, since we now live in a teeny-tiny cottage), I’m reminded that there are still many essentials we need to gather, like diapers, wipes, a new car seat, and clothing suitable for a baby born in Hawaii, to name a few. It’s a blessing that Amazon offers a little discount for creating a registry and so I’ve been thoughtfully considering what we might purchase from our Baby Registry as we get closer to D-day. I look forward to sharing photos of our sweet nursery nook as I get things put together! Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, as we prepare for baby girl’s arrival, I wanted to share these sweet photos that my friend Alana Davis Photography took for us while she was visiting from New York. There’s something really relaxed about having a photo session in your own home – I highly recommend it, especially with young children! Alana did a great job capturing the essence of life in our new home – centered around family and connecting. I hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse of our lives in our sweet 500-square-foot cottage on the island of Maui!



1L4A7806 - Copy

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