Settling In + I’m Pregnant!

What a wild and exciting adventure these past few weeks (and months and years) have been! I still wake up with a sense of awe at all that God has done in my life these past three decades. How He has answered my prayers and shown up in tangible ways, particularly how the Lord brought my husband and our kids and me to Maui recently, where we now live. I so appreciate being near my family, and being able to raise our kids knowing them and the island I grew up on. I love waking up to the sunshine (or torrential rains, depending on the day – it is winter after all), and the sound of myna birds. The trade winds create a sweet, rushing melody as they swirl through the tropical trees and bushes surrounding our home.

It’s so cozy living near historic Wailuku town, where we started renting a few months ago. I grew up in upcountry Maui, and while I miss seeing all the horses, goats, and cows that grazed near my childhood home, Wailuku is similar in that it moves a touch slower than downtown Kahului and enjoys the cooler mountain breezes. It’s also a huge blessing to be close to all the amenities of central Maui, such as Ken’s work and Costco, and we can easily drive to the beach in about 15 minutes.

I’m so thankful for Ken and how he felt peace in moving our lives/our world to a tiny island in the South Pacific. We’ve known each other for nearly 10 years now and I’m blown away by how God has provided for us, and more specifically, how God has provided for me through Ken all these years. He is such a great partner and teammate. We recently found out that we’re expecting Baby #3 this August and we are thrilled!


I’m a little emotional too, at the thought that this might be our last pregnancy. What a joy and distinct blessing it’s been parenting Ruby and Cyrus, and we look forward to meeting our next little one in a few short months! We would love prayers for a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy, as I’ve been very nauseated this time around. I’m thankful to have my mom nearby as she’s been super helpful with the kids and helped me get some rest during pregnancy.

I look forward to sharing photos from my maternity session and our gender reveal soon! Here’s a sneak peek…



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