We’re Moving to Maui!

It’s official!

Aloha Washington, Hello Maui! (I understand that the use of “Aloha” may be confusing, as the word has multiple meanings…in this case, think: Goodbye!)

I can hardly believe that just one month ago, while Ken and I were on a longer drive with the kiddos (who were taking turns napping in their car seats) we started to seriously consider if moving to Hawaii might be an option for us. It’s always been in the back of our minds that someday – a day far off, like maybe 10 or 20 years from now, we would move back to my hometown but it never felt like that day was anytime soon. That is, until a month ago when everything changed.

It was such a sunny and bright end-of-summer day and during our drive, Ken and I finally had a moment to really talk and reflect and consider the future together (cue: children napping, of course). We both realized that maybe now is the best time to try to move to Maui. We long to be near family and with my parents, older sister and brother-in-law, and all the aunties and uncles on the island, the idea started to sink in deeper.

Maybe we could make this work, we said, as we turned to each other in the car that early September afternoon.

As soon as we got home that day, we prayed together about whether the Lord wanted us to move forward in this desire. Giddiness turned to a deeper sense of joy, as I started to realize that after eight years living away from Maui, I’m finally ready to move back. I’ve missed my family so much, and the beautiful place I called home all my childhood. There really is no place like home, especially in being from Maui. In the days and weeks that followed, the Lord has surprised Ken and me with open doors and amazing opportunities, as we step forward in faith in this move. In just about a month, Ken received a job offer right in his field and his new company is helping us move back. It’s all so exciting and miraculous and also bittersweet, as we consider what a special blessing our time in Eastern Washington has been. We cherish our community here in the small town of Pullman, along with the close proximity we’ve had to my cousin Isaac (Ken’s best friend) and his wife. I will miss how much our friends have loved on Ruby and Cyrus. They made our transition to this place so easy two years ago.

God is faithful. I keep coming back to His divine providence for us all these years. Ken and I long to be rooted and after years of traveling and moving from place to place, we are praying that this move to Maui is it. We both feel peace in this big transition, and are looking forward to seeing how the Lord uses us in this new season.

Thanks for following along in this journey, as we become a little Maui family!

4 thoughts on “We’re Moving to Maui!”

  1. Simply incredible how the Lord has continued to work in your hearts, and has provided a way so clearly. What an exciting season for you as husband and wife, and as parents. Couldn’t be more thrilled for you to be close to family, put down some roots, and perhaps call Maui home for a very long time. Love you, friend!


  2. At first I was sad because it means we’ll never get to visit you in Pullman. But then I thought, “well, shoot! We’ll just visit them in Maui!” 🙂


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